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China WestWarrior Co., Ltd get 2 points of BSCI Audit

Author: Date:5/4/2014 1:13:31 AM






 The Brussels based Foreign Trade Association (FTA) began in 2002 to establish a common platform for the various European companies Codes of Conducts and monitoring systems and to lay the groundwork for a common European monitoring system for social compliance. In March 2003 the FTA formally founded the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). The experience and the know-how gained by companies and associations from their monitoring systems were cornerstones for the development of the approach and management. BSCI business is open to all retail, brand and importing companies dedicated to the improvement of working conditions in their supply chain worldwide. BSCI now has 562 members (see attached file). BSCI audit results could be accepted by all BSCI members, thus companies audited could enhance productivity and competition in European market.

In 2009, IQNet Ltd. was accredited by BSCI to carry out BSCI business. CQC signed BSCI Representative Agreement with IQNet Ltd in June 2009, undertaking BSCI audit business in China as IQNet representative. In February,2010, CQC completed the first BSCI audit.